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Villarrica Travers

The Villarrica Traverse is one of the most beautiful in the region. For the more adventurous and looking to be away from it all, this is your option. Five days for its longest modality and 3 for the shortest modality.

Modality 5 days: We start at the slopes of the Villarrica volcano and skirt its base, to continue on the way to the Quetrupillán volcano, passing through beautiful forests, lagoons and ending at the slopes of the Lanín volcano on the border with Argentina.  

Modality 3 days: This option is shorter, but no less beautiful. It is a path that they will not forget and will mark them for a long time. Being alone in the wildest of nature. We start from the Quetrupillán sector to finish in the Lanín sector. Forests of lengas, araucarias, pumas, foxes, woodpeckers and deer will be able to see on your way.


We are waiting for you and choose your option  

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