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In the last six years, Chile has become the world epicenter of adventure, winning for the sixth time as the best country for adventure tourism at the World Travel Awards. Pucón is considered the capital of this type of tourism in our country, therefore it becomes the world capital of adventure tourism in the world.

Turismo Montañas del Sur committed to continue doing our bit to maintain and improve this category, we remain firm in diversifying the adventure activities we offer.


Cerro San Sebastián

The second best view is inserted in the Huerquehue National Park and we invite you all to enjoy this beautiful hill and trail.

Lagunas Andinas

This walk will take us to see beautiful lagoons in the middle of the mountains with their flora and fauna.

In the Villarrica National Park, Puesco sector, ...


Las Lagunas

This trail is for the family, of low difficulty, but with very beautiful landscapes, forests, native fauna and beautiful viewpoints.

We will be able to walk these trails and see waterfalls, enjoy and learn about the nature and history of these wonderful places.

Cráteres parásitos

It is a walk that takes us to the foothills of the Villarrica volcano and only thirty minutes from the city of Pucón. We start our tour at a volcanic lahar left by the 1971 eruption.


Villarrica Travers

The Villarrica Traverse is one of the most beautiful in the region. For the more adventurous and looking to be away from it all, this is your option. Five days for its longest modality and 3 for the shortest modality.

Santuario el Cañi

El Cañi Park is private, but focused on the conservation of native flora and fauna. It's a beautiful trail of a moderate level. We invite you to enjoy beautiful landscapes from viewpoints of incredible beauty.

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