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Chile is a country of mountains and each  day more people are daring to enjoy these beautiful places. Turismo Montañas del Sur has dedicated itself to offering more options so that tourists can enjoy themselves safely and fulfill their objectives.

Our idea is that anyone regardless of their physical condition, age or gender can access these incredible places.


Villarrica volcano

The Villarrica volcano is the most active in South America and one of the most visited in the world. People of all ages, sexes and conditions get to know its summit every year.


Llaima volcano

El Llaima is the second most active in Chile and one of the most attractive to crown its summit. A beautiful and imposing volcano with majestic landscapes in the Conguillio National Park.


Quetrupillan Volcano

the Quetrupillán of 2480 masl is of incredible beauty, we pass through beautiful forests of Nothofagus and Araucarias, an incredible view of the Lanín and Villarrica volcanoes.


Lonquimay volcano

The Lonquimay is the quietest to climb to its summit. The ascent is calm and with the care of any mountain. crowning its summit with beautiful landscapes.


Lanin Volcano

It is the highest altitude in the region with 3776 meters above sea level.

A challenge for mountain lovers. With one night at the base camp and another to climb to the summit and go down.


El Plomo

Cerro el Plomo is located in the central zone of Chile in the Metropolitan region. Known for the story of his mummy, it is visited year after year for its height and its proximity to the capital Santiago. 

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